Preston Sprenkle, MD – Championing Prostate Cancer Diagnostics, Focal Therapy, and Patient Education
Preston Sprenkle, MD, is an associate professor of urology at the Yale School of Medicine and chief of the Division of Urology at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Connecticut Healthcare System. An expert in the treatment of urologic cancers, Dr. Sprenkle has pioneered the use of the Artemis Device—a 3-dimensional imaging technology for diagnosing cancerous tumors in the prostate—as well as focal therapy in prostate cancer. ...

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Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer

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Phouc T. Tran, MD, PhDASCO GU Symposium 2023 | February 24, 2023
Phouc Tran, MD, PhD, highlights the challenges of accurate risk stratification for newly diagnosed localized prostate cancer.
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Daniel M. Geynisman, MDASCO GU Symposium 2023 | February 23, 2023
Daniel M. Geynisman, MD, explains the results and utility of the RETAIN trial for bladder sparing in patients with MIBC.
Oncology BrothersOncology Brothers | February 22, 2023
Petros Grivas, MD, PhD, highlights the practice-changing studies that have come out of the ASCO GU 2023 Symposium.
Michael B. Atkins, MDASCO GU Symposium 2023 | February 18, 2023
Michael Atkins, MD, discusses TFS outcomes from the phase II study and argues for immunotherapy in favorable-risk patients.

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