Radioligand therapy prostate-specific membrane antigen
Zachary BessetteNext-Generation Imaging | September 13, 2023
Results of the BOP trial have shown 64Cu SAR-Bombesin can detect lesions in BCR prostate cancer that is PSMA PET-negative.
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Zachary BessettemCRPC | September 6, 2023
SNMMI convened an autonomous workgroup to review prospective phase 2/3 clinical trials that used 177Lu-PSMA-617.
Emily MenendezRLT-PSMA | August 31, 2023
A PSA decrease ≥30% after the first 2 cycles of 177Lu PSMA can serve as an early marker of response in clinical practice.
Zachary BessetteRLT-PSMA | July 27, 2023
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network now includes POSLUMA in its clinical practice guidelines for prostate cancer.
Emily MenendezRLT-PSMA | July 26, 2023
[18F]DCFPyL impacted patient management in 44% of patients vs 29% of patients who received [18F]fluoromethylcholine.
Emily MenendezRLT-PSMA | July 5, 2023
The VISION trial assigned patients to receive either [177Lu]Lu-PSMA-617 plus standard of care or standard of care alone.
Emily MenendezSNMMI 2023 | June 29, 2023
Patients treated with enzalutamide prior to Lu-PSMA therapy had higher mean SUV values before treatment with 18 F-DCFPyL.
Emily MenendezSNMMI 2023 | June 29, 2023
68Ga-PSMA-11 and FDG-PET/CT scans were compared with scans from the VISION trial to assess patient eligibility for Pluvicto.
Emily MenendezSNMMI 2023 | June 29, 2023
The care management plans for several patients were changed after those patients underwent PSMA PET/CT.
Emily MenendezSNMMI 2023 | June 27, 2023
A research team developed a study to implement aPROMISE for the evaluation of PSMA and FDG-PET/CT scans acquired before RLT.
Emily MenendezSNMMI 2023 | June 27, 2023
A team of researchers compiled optimized methods for post-treatment radiation precautions for patients receiving Pluvicto.
Zachary BessetteSNMMI 2023 | June 27, 2023
New research identified genomic features and post-therapeutic SPECT/CT parameters as predictors of response to Pluvicto.
Zachary BessetteSNMMI 2023 | June 27, 2023
A study compared bone marrow dosimetry using three different methods for patients treated with 177Lu-PSMA-617.
Brian Helfand, MD, PhDRLT-PSMA | June 26, 2023
Dr. Brian Helfand details the purpose of 18F-rhPSMA-7.3 and how it compares to other PSMA PET radiopharmaceuticals.
Zachary BessetteASCO 2023 | June 2, 2023
64Cu-SAR-bisPSMA may be safe and effective for detecting PSMA-expressing lesions, and 200MBq may be the optimal dose.
Emily MenendezNext-Generation Imaging | May 30, 2023
POSLUMA is a diagnostic imaging agent for the PET detection of PSMA-positive lesions in patients with prostate cancer.
Emily MenendezRLT-PSMA | May 4, 2023
Researchers developed an antibody-drug conjugate and immuno-PET agent based on the YS5 antibody for high CD46.
Emily MenendezRLT-PSMA | May 1, 2023
Researchers found 18F-rhPSMA-7.3 to have a high affinity and potential for low bladder activity.
Emily MenendezAUA 2023 | April 28, 2023
When testing interaction with the use of MDT, patients with positive PSMA PET not receiving MDT had a higher risk of CR.
Zachary BessettemCRPC | April 24, 2023
The FDA has granted Fast Track designation to 177Lu-PNT2002 for the treatment of patients with mCRPC.