Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Katy MarshallProstate Cancer Diagnostics | May 21, 2024
Researchers found no differences between the proportion of distant metastases in the salvage PBRT and WPRT groups.
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Katy MarshallmCSPC | May 17, 2024
Researchers evaluated differences in treatment intensification and overall survival between patient groups.
Emily MenendezLocalized | May 10, 2024
Prostate cancer is the 2nd most diagnosed cancer among men worldwide, but the disease lacks established re-treatment options.
Eric Li, MDProstate Cancer Diagnostics | May 8, 2024
Dr. Li highlights the significance of adverse pathologic features at radical prostatectomy for AS-eligible patients.
Emily MenendezCRPC | May 7, 2024
Previous research has shown that the effects of androgen and PSMA receptors can complement each other if used concurrently.
Katy MarshallLocalized | May 7, 2024
The trial evaluated the data of treatment-naïve patients who underwent RP and received apalutamide as well as ADT.
Zachary BessetteLocalized | May 6, 2024
Development of a novel risk score for early intensification approaches to RT or salvage RT for pN1 receiving RP.
Yaw A. Nyame, MD, MS, MBAProstate Cancer Diagnostics | May 7, 2024
Dr. Nyame shared highlights from his presentation on PC screening in high-risk groups as part of an AUA plenary session.
Katy MarshallProstate Cancer Diagnostics | May 3, 2024
The utility of cADT in patients with prostate cancer with clinical relapse at PSMA PET is unknown.
Katy MarshallLocalized | May 4, 2024
Investigators found that the NCHT cohort demonstrated increased 3-year bPFS benefits compared to the NHT cohort.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | May 3, 2024
The study group received 6-month neoadjuvant LHRH-α plus abitrexone with prednisone.
Zachary BessetteCRPC | May 3, 2024
Results from the third interim analysis of the DAROL study indicate real-world effectiveness in patients with nmCRPC.
Emily MenendezmCSPC | May 1, 2024
An analysis of the phase 3 ARASENS study revealed new information on PSA responses and their association with outcomes.
Zachary BessetteRLT | April 30, 2024
A CR was observed in the first patient with mCRPC to receive 2 cycles of 67Cu-SAR-bisPSMA at a dosage of 8GBq.
Gillian Vandekerkhove, PhDProstate Cancer Diagnostics | April 25, 2024
Dr. Vandekerkhove explains her research on genomic testing in prostate cancer.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer Diagnostics | April 24, 2024
The benefits of PSA screening alone are offset by excess negative biopsies and the over-detection of low-grade cancers.
Katy MarshallCRPC | April 23, 2024
The study sought to determine the outcomes and prevalence related to somatic or germline HRR alterations.
Katy MarshallmCSPC | April 17, 2024
Researchers performed a post hoc analysis on patient data from the randomized, phase 3 LATITUDE trial.
Daniel Spratt, MDLocalized | April 17, 2024
Dr. Spratt ponders the evolving integration of RT with systemic treatments, challenges in counseling patients, and more.
Andrei Iagaru, MDProstate Cancer Diagnostics | April 16, 2024
Dr. Iagaru discusses the safety findings and clinical implications of his research.