Expert Interviews
Expert Interviews
Joshua Meeks, MD, PhDNon-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma | January 27, 2023
Joshua Meeks, MD, PhD, discusses ongoing research in NMIBC and the future of urothelial carcinoma care.
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Shyam Natarajan, PhDExpert Interviews | January 20, 2023
GU Oncology Now spoke with Shyam Natarajan to discuss Avenda's iQuest and how AI can be used in the field of cancer care.
David Ambinder, MDRenal Cell Carcinoma | January 18, 2023
Cytoreductive nephrectomy is controversial in the metastatic RCC setting, especially in the age of immunotherapy.
Alexander Kutikov, MD, FACSExpert Interviews | January 10, 2023
Alexander Kutikov speaks about changes he pioneered in the GU surgical landscape and the future state of GU oncology care.
Colin Dinney, MDExpert Interviews | January 5, 2023
Colin Dinney, MD, explains the data that led to FDA approval of Adstiladrin for NMIBC and how it impacts the treatment.
Tomi Jun, MDExpert Interviews | January 5, 2023
Tomi Jun, MD, shares the clinical actionability and utilization of NGS for prostate cancer in a changing treatment landscape.
Daniel Tennenbaum, MDExpert Interviews | December 19, 2022
Dr. Daniel Tennenbaum interviews Dr. Catherine H. Marshall on trends in managing advanced and metastatic prostate cancer.
Catherine H. Marshall, MD, MPHExpert Interviews | November 22, 2022
Dr. Catherine H. Marshall is interviewed on the use and future of chemotherapy for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.
David Ambinder, MDExpert Interviews | October 24, 2022
Scott Eggener, MD gives an overview of focal therapy for prostate cancer, including its benefits and current research.
GU Oncology Now EditorsExpert Interviews | October 24, 2022
Cell-based therapies have shown efficacy in disease settings, but for solid tumors, research has proceeded at a slower pace.
David Ambinder, MDExpert Interviews | September 27, 2022
David Ambinder, MD, speaks with Catherine Handy Marshall, MD, MPH on how to select treatments for prostate cancer.
David Ambinder, MDExpert Interviews | July 27, 2022
Benjamin Davies, MD, gives his insight on how to reduce the use of opiates for patients after urologic surgery.
GU Oncology Now EditorsExpert Interviews | March 20, 2022
Dr. Cathy Marshall provides updates on prostate cancer clinical trial presentations for prostate cancer management.