Rebecca Araujo

Rebecca Araujo is a medical writer and editor with experience covering hematology and oncology research and news. Her work has appeared in ASH Clinical News, Blood Cancers Today, DocWire News, Cancer Nursing Today, and more. She received her bachelor’s degree in English from Rutgers University.

Articles by Rebecca Araujo

Rebecca AraujoRLT-PSMA | November 16, 2021
Over expression of PSMA on the membrane of aggressive prostate cancer cells makes it a target for treating advanced PCa.
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Rebecca AraujoUrothelial Carcinoma | April 12, 2021
Research has identified potential predictors of immunotherapy response to metastatic bladder cancer treatment.
Rebecca AraujoRLT-PSMA | December 8, 2020
Dr. Iagaru discusses the latest updates in prostate cancer imaging using positron emission tomography.
Rebecca AraujoRLT-PSMA | November 27, 2020
Scott T. Tagawa, MD, Professor of Medicine and Urology, discusses upcoming therapies for prostate cancer treatment.
Rebecca AraujoProstate Cancer | November 23, 2020
CRYM was shown to counteract thyroid and androgen signaling and blocked intracellular choline uptake.
Rebecca AraujoRLT-PSMA | November 11, 2020
PSMA-based PET/CT imaging has been reported to enable better tumor detection compared with standard radiologic imaging.
Rebecca AraujoLocalized Prostate Cancer | November 5, 2020
Urinary incontinence is a common result of radical prostatectomy.
Rebecca AraujoRLT-PSMA | November 3, 2020
Incomplete removal of the cancer tissue during radical prostatectomy is associated with poorer clinical outcomes.
Rebecca AraujoProstate Cancer | October 29, 2020
The findings were presented at the virtual American Society for Radiation Oncology 2020 Annual Meeting.
Rebecca AraujoProstate Cancer | October 9, 2020
Almost half of patients develop resistance to hormone therapy after two years.