Uromigos-Prostate Cancer

The UromigosThe Uromigos | March 17, 2023
Karine Tawagi, MD, from the University of Illinois, discusses her work in immune-related toxicities.
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The UromigosThe Uromigos | February 27, 2023
The Uromigos review ASCO GU 2023 data, including triplet vs doublet therapy, the ARASENS trial, and the ZIRCON phase 3 trial.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | February 18, 2023
Neeraj Agarwal, MD, FASCO, describes positive data from the TALAPRO-2 study on talazoparib and enzalutamide for mCRPC.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | February 18, 2023
Michael Morris, MD discusses PARP inhibition for castration-resistant prostate cancer and the differing opinions on its use.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | February 7, 2023
The Uromigos discuss the cost of quality adjusted life years with Daniel Goldstein, MD, from Davidoff Cancer Center.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | January 23, 2023
A summary of the prostate and bladder cancer session of the Conversations & Trending Topics in GU Cancers conference.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | January 3, 2023
Chris Sweeney, MBBS, joins The Uromigos to discuss 2022 research as well as further studies to be carried out in 2023.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | December 28, 2022
Drs. Silke Gillessen and Dan George debate the use of olaparib and abiraterone in selected or unselected patients with mCRPC.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | November 7, 2022
The Uromigos chat with Axel Merseburger about his paper on continuing enzalutamide with docetaxel for the treatment of CRPC.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | November 2, 2022
Rob Jones discusses the current state of PARP inhibition in prostate cancer as well as differing opinions on the treatment.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | October 25, 2022
Silke Gillessen and Nick James discuss a randomized trial on duration of adjuvant/salvage androgen ablation with XRT. 
The UromigosThe Uromigos | August 1, 2022
Alex Wyatt joins The Uromigos to answer questions about ctDNA in prostate cancer and discuss his latest paper on that topic.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | July 26, 2022
Declan Murphy and Matt Cooperberg debate the use of interventions in active surveillance for patients with prostate cancer.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | July 18, 2022
Dr. Oliver Sartor, medical director of Tulane Cancer Center, discusses his career development and work in prostate cancer.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | June 20, 2022
Neal Shore describes his recent controversial paper and the over-treatment of patients with low-grade disease.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | June 20, 2022
Phillip Kuo discusses phase 3 of the VISION trial that utilizes Lutetium-177 for the treatment of prostate cancer.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | April 18, 2022
Drs. Rana McKay and Kim Chi question whether doublet or triplet therapy is appropriate in the first-line.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | April 6, 2022
Martin Stockler describes the ENZAMET trial, which shows mixed effects of enza on QOL in prostate cancer.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | February 28, 2022
Dr. Stefano Fanti focuses on PSMA therapy PET CT, particularly when to use this as a diagnostic.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | February 19, 2022
Dr. Fred Saad describes the results of the PROpel Phase III trial.