The UromigosThe Uromigos | February 17, 2023
Matt Galsky and Tom Powles take the FDA and EMA approach respectively concerning adjuvant nivolumab for bladder cancer.
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The UromigosThe Uromigos | November 17, 2020
Drs. David McDermott and Brian Rini debate treatment options in front-line renal cancer.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | October 28, 2020
Dr. Bill Kaelin (Nobel Laureate) and Tom Powles (keen cyclist) extend their discussion from KCRS20 in the second Uromigos ...
The UromigosThe Uromigos | October 9, 2020
Dr. Peter O'Donnell and Prof. Tom Powles debate front-line treatment options in urothelial cancer.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | September 19, 2020
Matt Galsky tries to get to the bottom of whether these data has made any difference in treatment and future plans.