First PET Scans With Illuccix for Prostate Cancer Imaging Completed

By Emily Menendez - Last Updated: August 18, 2022

BAMF Health and Telix have completed the first total-body PET scans using Telix’s PSMA-PET imaging agent Illuccix. Nine prostate cancer patients were given scans at BAMF Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The scans were conducted with the uEXPLORER, a new PET scanner created by United Imaging.

Illuccix, which was made available for imaging centers and hospitals in the United States in April 2022, is a diagnostic agent used alongside Ga68 in PET scans to detect prostate cancer cells and PSMA-positive lesions.

The use of Illuccix in combination with the uEXPLORER can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on PET scans for physicians. The uEXPLORER is a novel medical imaging 3D scanner that is able to capture the entire human body in one bed position, and can capture a full-body PET scan in under 10 minutes compared to the usual 30 to 40 minutes of conventional PET/CT scans.

Dr. Matt DeLong, vice president of radiopharmacy at BAMF Health, said that their team is “beyond excited to have been able to prepare and dispense the Illuccix doses on demand. The flexibility of the Illuccix kit enables us to leverage the capability of both the cyclotrons and generators within the radiopharmacy.”

Telix is currently still seeking approvals for Illuccix in other markets worldwide. In China, an Investigational New Drug application has been submitted for review to carry out a Phase III registration study. In South Korea, the drug has had a New Drug Application submitted for approval.

Illuccix has been approved for use by the FDA since December 2021 and was approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration in November 2021. Telix is also seeking marketing authorization in Europe and Canada.


BAMF Health and Telix complete first total-body PET scans with Illuccix for prostate cancer imaging

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