Assessing Physical Exercise Habits and Lifestyle Behaviors in Prostate Cancer Patients

By Robert Dillard - February 24, 2022

A new study sought to describe the physical exercise (PE) habits, lifestyle, and motivation to change toward healthier behaviors in patients newly diagnosed with prostate cancer (PCa). The results were published in the journal Support Care in Cancer.

This cross-sectional study consisted of 40 participants (mean age, 70.5) and was conducted in an Italian hospital. The population of interest were men newly diagnosed with PCa who were consecutively invited to participate in a structured in-person or phone interview.

According to the results, the majority of participants (65%) reported they were physically active; however, over half but did not reach the recommended PE level. The researchers did observe that 40% of participants would be interested in participating in an exercise program. Also, only 10% of participants were current smokers, but 90% drank alcohol, and over 62% were overweight/obese. The researchers noted that almost all participants were not willing to change their habits.

A high proportion of Italian men are insufficiently active when diagnosed with PCa. Moreover, even when exposed to behavioral risk factors, they are not willing to change their lifestyle,” the researchers concluded. “Health-care professionals who deal with men newly diagnosed with PCa should take advantage of the teachable moment and apply strategies that support patients’ motivation to exercise and adherence to healthier lifestyles.”